For That Special Last Ride.

We believe peoples lifestyles should be reflected in their funeral. This is just another aspect of creating that bespoke funeral for that special person.

Motorcycle Hearse History

After the war a combination was devised to carry the deceased from battle fields. This can still be seen at a Norfolk museum. Attached to a Norton this was basically a crude coffin on a hinge rather than a professional hearse, considered undignified and never used. Amongst UK motorcyclists a tradition emerged where a sidecar would be removed so that the coffin could be carried on the chassis. In the late 1990s a few sidecar chassis adaptations were launched professionally in Australia. Each had a platform with various forms of cover.

In Australia this proved ideal but with our weather such an open deck would not work. What UK motorcyclists needed was an agile, powerful and tasteful motorcycle combination for a dry final ride. The first literal motorcycle hearse was launched in 2002.

There are other motorcycles available, including various Triumphs and a Suzuki Hyabusa.