M Lucking & Sons Family History

M Lucking & Sons have served Chelmsford and the surrounding area for over 360 years.

Lucking Family History

On-going research has traced the family to the Great Waltham and Little Waltham areas of Chelmsford. In 1631 a William Lucking of Little Waltham carried on the trade of carpenter and joiner and would, no doubt, have been asked to make coffins. “Undertaking” as the trade was then known, has changed over the years to become the profession of Funeral Directors.

It was not until 1887 that WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, the son of another William Lucking,
purchased the property in New London Road, Chelmsford. These premises remain the place of business and family residence today. William Augustus married Susan Piper of London in 1876. Their son GEORGE WILLIAM, born in 1880, carried on the business after the decease of his father. He married Mary Hurry and they had two sons, Percy and Gus, and two daughters, Gladys and Doris. When George William died at the age of 41 the business was carried on by his wife Mary (hence, M Lucking &; Sons) until the sons became of an age to succeed.

The second son, GUS stayed in the business and took over from his mother. He married
Alice Ketley and they had two daughters, Christine and Jennifer. Christine married Bernard Gowing in 1967 and they have one Daughter, Sarah. Bernard, then carried on the family business.

In 1996 Darren Lucking joined the company to help run the business with Bernard as it was becoming too difficult for him on his own. Darren is the grandson of Percy and great-nephew of Gus, continuing the family run theme.

In 2002 Roy Palmer joined the company. Roy, who holds the Diploma in Funeral Directing, is Darren’s cousin on his mother side.

Sadly in 2010 Bernard passed away. In 2015 Sarah (Christine’s daughter) joined the company. Sarah has taken an active role in the financial side of the company dealing with the accounts.

In 2019 Calum (Roy’s son) joined the company. Calum brings youth and his computer skills with him and has helped M. Lucking & Sons join the 21 st Century.

Now Christine, Jennifer, Darren, Roy, Sarah and Calum work together as a team to maintain the high standards and professionalism our clients have learnt to expect.