Funeral Advice.

Useful funeral advice for all situations.

Death In Hospital

A hospital Doctor who has been closely involved with the care of your loved one will complete a medical certificate, which states the cause of death. Phone the hospital and ask for the bereavement office to find out when the medical certificate will be ready for you to collect. Once you know when you can collect the certificate, telephone the local registrars office to make an appointment to register the death (take the medical certificate with you.) Contact us so that we can answer any questions you may have, and so that we can arrange to bring your loved one back to our chapel of rest.

Death At Home Or In Residential Care

If the death was at home you will need to contact your loved ones doctor so that they can confirm the death and then issue you with a medical certificate.

If the death happens while in residential care then the staff will deal with the contacting of the doctor.

Contact your loved ones doctor to confirm death.

Whether at home or in residential care just contact us and we will collect your loved one and bring back to our chapel of rest.

Once you have picked up the medical certificate from the doctors surgery, telephone for an appointment to register the death (take the medical certificate with you.)


Where the death is uncertain a coroners post-mortem may be required and you will be informed if this decision has been made.  This is a legal requirement.  The coroners officer will explain to you the reasons for a post-mortem.

You will not be able to register the death until the coroner has informed you to do so.  if you have any concerns or questions regarding this then please contact us.

Registering A Death

Please be aware that deaths must be registered within a 5 day period by the Registrar of births and deaths. If, however, you are away and cannot register in that period, you MUST contact the registrars office and inform them of this and you will be given a grace period of fourteen days to register.

You must take with you the medical certificate and, if available, your loved ones medical card.  You will be given a death certificate.  You may also want to obtain further copies from the registrar as banks, building societies and insurance companies will require certified copies.  There will be a small charge for these.

A green certificate will be given to you which must be given to us, this then releases your loved one for cremation or burial.

Probate Administration

We recognise that when you suffer a bereavement, not only do you wish to ensure that arrangements covering the funeral are dealt with in a sympathetic, efficient and dignified manner but at such an emotional time, the last thing you may wish to think about is all of the paperwork that has to be completed to settle their affairs.

In many instances, the need for professional advice is necessary to ensure that the correct allowances are applied for, bills are paid, returns to relevant tax offices are dealt with promptly, and any life assurances and pensions entitlements are correctly claimed. Settling an estate (a persons affairs) is generally referred to as ‘probate’.

With the above in mind, Valued Estates are in a unique position to provide impartial, discreet and completely confidential face to face consultations with our clients, covering all aspects of what to do when dealing with a deceased’s affairs.


Please contact Alec Smith at Valued Estates for more information:

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Bereavement Counselling

A good website which covers bereavement can be found here here: which may be of use to you at this time.

Financial Help

If you require financial help with a funeral expences, we can recommend Beyond