Coffins & Caskets

M. Lucking & Sons have a carpenter and joiner on site, making our coffins. We also source coffins from leading coffin manufacturers in the UK.

We take pride in the quality of our products and fitments, and offer some of the best coffins available, and coffins to suit all financial requirements.

Pictured to the right are a few samples of our coffins. We have many more available, in various styles, finishes, colours, and with various fitments.

Please call or visit for full details or to view a brochure.

Bradnams Traditional Coffins

Bradnam Joinery is renowned for traditional, hand built coffins made from a range of both solid and veneered woods. As well as the traditionally styled coffins, Bradnams are also leading the way in the creation of more contemporary styled coffins.

Also, in these ecologically unpredictable times, we are paying particular attention to providing environmentally friendly coffins from a range of materials such as wicker and cardboard.

Somerset Willow Coffins

Somerset Willow Coffins

Somerset Willow is a family run business specialising in the age-old craft of basket weaving. They are based in Somerset and have passed their wealth of knowledge and traditional skills through the “Hill” family over 4 generations.

Natural Legacy Coffins

Natural Legacy can offer a comforting alternative to a traditional coffin or casket. Gentle on the eye and soft to the touch Natural Legacy coffins are loved by families for the more personalised goodbye they allow.

Suitable for both burial and cremation and made using 100% wool that is expertly woven in Yorkshire on the same premises that has produced outer woollen cloth for over 230 years.

LifeArt Coffins

LifeArt coffins produce up to 87% less greenhouse gas emissions then chipboard or MDF coffins to help protect our environment and make a meaningful contribution to tackling climate change.

They also require between 55% and 80% fewer trees then traditional chipboard or MDF based coffins.