Arrangement Room

Making the arrangements for your loved one is the first step to saying goodbye. It can be difficult, stressful and very emotional. Which is why at M Lucking & Sons, we try to make you as comfortable as possible in a no pressure environment.

During our 2018 renovation, we moved our office space to accommodate a larger arrangements room, designed and decorated to feel like a family living room. So when we’re unable to come to you, you can come to us and still feel like you’re at home. You will always be offered a hot beverage and given all the time you need to make those difficult decisions.

We have an assortment of ashes urns, jewellery, coffin samples and in memory products which you can see and feel in person. Helping you to make the right choices for your loved one.

We will go through everything one step at a time at your own pace, helping and guiding you with paperwork and try to accommodate any requests.

Chapel of Rest

When a loved one dies one of the first questions we get asked is “When can I come to see them in the Chapel of Rest”. It is for the closeness and intimacy of being with a loved one who has been taken away from us and also seeing that person at peace.

At M. Lucking & Sons we have a purpose built Chapel of Rest which is a separate building and is only used for one family at a time. The Chapel is a large room (about 9’ x 15’) so families can all go in together if they wish and we have soft classical music playing which is just loud enough to hear but not too loud to intrude. There is an altar at one end where photos can be displayed.

We operate an appointment system because that way we can ensure that we give 100% of our time and also avoid families coming to our Chapel as we are leaving with a funeral. The Chapel is booked to give the maximum time required so families are never rushed.