Bradnams Traditional Coffins

Bradnam Joinery is renowned for traditional, hand built coffins made from a range of both solid and veneered woods. As well as the traditionally styled coffins, Bradnams are also leading the way in the creation of more contemporary styled coffins.

Also, in these ecologically unpredictable times, we are paying particular attention to providing environmentally friendly coffins from a range of materials such as wicker and cardboard.

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The Sandringham

Solid oak polished coffin with plain sides and double mouldings.

The Kensington

Solid oak polished coffin stained ST1 with routed panelled sides, double mouldings and raised lid.

The Windsor

Solid English oak polished casket with routed panelled sides and raised lid. Also available in Utile.

The Strand

Plain oak veneered polished coffin with single mouldings and a flat lid.

The Oxford

Knotty oak veneered coffin with a honey stain, double half round mouldings and matt finish.

The Regent

Plain oak veneered polished coffin, stained ST3, with single mouldings and a raised lid.

Limed Oak

Limed oak veneered coffin with single mouldings and a raised lid.

The Last Supper

Oak veneered polished coffin, stained, with panelled sides, single mouldings, a raised lid and Last Supper panels.

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